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My Stories


The Written Word
My Stories

This is a listing of all of my TS stories to date. I'm sorry the titles are not linked to the stories themselves, but after the last glitch that sent things into la-la land I have chosen to not re-post all of the stories.

My stories are now posted at
For those who are interest:
Slash has **Adult Content** and should not be read by those under 18 years of age.

Newest Gen Story:
7/1/2002 - I Can Do This -- All you need is a little faith... and a Sentinel.

Mail requests here

*A Life For A Life -- My very first Stand Alone. The brother of a man Jim had to shoot and kill seeks revenge.

*Wisdom Bites -- Blair has his wisdom teeth pulled.

*Witness -- Jim and Blair protect the only witness to a murder.

*She Followed Me Home -- Maybe Blair should stop being nice to people.

*Getting Away -- A cougar turns a vacation into something more interesting.

*Sunday Morning Funnies -- Just a short little story for the heck of it.

*You Caught Me -- Blair has a nightmare. I know, nothing new, but I did it anyway. It's really short!

*Who Pays The Price -- A challenge story.

*It Shouldn't Be Like This -- Kids, guns, and school.

*Making The Grade -- Simon asks Blair to go undercover.

*In A Moment -- Blair, coffee, and a loose wire.

*Programmed For Death -- Blair is the only surviving victim in a series of attacks.

*A Random Act Of Kindness -- Blair gets stuck in a snowbank.

*You're Gone -- Co-authored with Becky, EagleEye, Robyn, and Sorcha. A story and outtake scenes written around the song "You're Gone" by Diamond Rio.

*Dire Reveries -- Horrible dreams.

*Something He Ate -- Don't eat the egg salad.

*For a Price -- Blair, a rabbit, and drug dealers.

*Lost and Found -- A response to a Challenge.

*Too Hot to Handle -- Blair gets overheated. Can Jim cool him down in time?

*The Eyes Have It -- Very short and very silly.

*You'll Be in My Heart -- Lyrics by Phil Collins, story by Suzie.

*Patients Makes The Heart Grow Fonder -- Jim's sick.

*Throw Aways -- Two children are thrust into Jim and Blair's care after they witness a murder.

*Buried Alive -- A serial killer is after Blair.

*Memories Prisoners -- To quote John Lancaster Spalding: "As memory may be a paradise from which we cannot be driven, It may also be a hell from which we cannot escape."

*Now and Forever -- Can Blair find Jim before it's too late?

*Rainbow Bridge -- A little boy, a little dog, and a Rainbow Bridge.

*High Rise -- Blair gets stranded.

*Custody -- Blair has a son. Will he be able to hang on to him?

*PreHistory -- Not his time--Not his place.

*Out There... -- A camping trip. (Song lyrics from "An American Tail")

*A Picture's Worth... -- ...a thousand words.

*I Can Do This -- All you need is a little faith... and a Sentinel.

The Dragon Series:
*I Saw A Dragon Fly -- Jim takes a nasty spill.
*Dragons Do Fly -- Sequel to I Saw A Dragon Fly. It's Blair's turn to see the little critters.
*The Return -- They're back and they have a message.

Grades Series:
*What Price Failure -- Blair is attacked by a student.
*Trial & Terror -- Sequel to What Price Failure.
*Tutor -- Blair gets a job tutoring, but gets more than he bargained for.
*Teacher, Teacher -- "The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet." --Aristotle

Christmas 1997 Series:
*Stocking -- A short and silly Christmas story!
*Christmas Day -- Sequel request for Stocking.
*Destiny & Napanee -- A visit. Getting there is half the fun.

4th of July 1997:
*Independence -- Blair joins Search & Rescue.

Christmas 1998:
*Suzy Snowflake -- This is *not* a Mary-Sue story. It just happens to be the name of the poem.

*Tales of Surprise -- Co-authored with Kate Dunshee. A storm, stories... and a surprise.
*Chills -- A ghost comes to the loft.
*Hotel on the Hill -- A road trip to a conference takes a twisted turn on a dark and stormy night.

Writer's Block Series #1:
*Hard To Live With Him -- But Can't Live Without Him -- Umm... that pretty much explains it.
*More Than A Thesis -- Blair wants to stay put.
*Kelsey's Nightmare -- Need I say more?
*The Talk -- Jim and Blair finally talk.

Writer's Block Series #2:
*Wild Ride -- Blair stops at an accident scene to help.
*Explanations -- Jim wants to find out why.
*Healing -- Blair comes home and they both need to get through the first night.

I Want a Pet Series:
*Figaro -- Blair wants a pet.
*Tracy -- Jim brings home a stray.
*Life And Times Of A Black And White Cat -- Feline Physics
*Can I Keep It? -- Figaro makes a discovery.
*Figaro Vs The Tree (Or...Figaro's First Christmas) -- The title says it all.
*Presents of Mind -- This is a continuation of Figaro vs. the Tree.
*Special Times -- For our Munchkin (~ December 1979 to April 1999 ~)... We will always love you and miss you lots.

*Working Late -- Just a little PWP, h/c story that my head was screaming at me to write.
*Still Working Late -- You requested it, so here it is! The extended ending to Working Late.

*A Blessed Protector's Work Is Never Done - Written for the 1998 TS General Fiction Auction for Nicole.
*Sacrifice... A Blessed Protector's Sequel -- Sequel to A Blessed Protector's Work Is Never Done. The Creator wants more.

*Watching Your Back -- Jim becomes introspective during an airplane flight.
*Watching Your Back -- Redux -- A follow up to Watching Your Back. This time it's Blair's turn to reflect.

Alternative Universe Stories:

The Wanted Series:
*Escape -- Jim and Blair leave their life in Cascade behind.
*On the Run -- Jim and Blair continue to stay ahead of the game. Simon receives a letter.
*A Time to Say Good-Bye -- Simon and Megan clean out the loft. Jack Kelso receives his letter from. Blair, and William Ellison contacts Simon.
*Making a Friend -- Jim and Blair make a new home and a new friend.
*I Love You, Mom -- Naomi receives Blair's letter.
*Sands of Time -- Agent Sands gets a little closer. Jim and Blair get help.
*Eye of a Raven -- Who saved Jim from the river?
*Collision Course -- Blair is attacked while trying to help a couple hiking.
*Face Off -- Can Jim and Blair pull it off again?
*Disappearance -- On the road again.
*The Return -- Jim and Blair are in Peru...but far from safe.
*Home Coming -- Jim and Blair decide it's time to come home.
*Settled -- The guys start their new life.

*A New Constellation -- An AU sending Jim and Blair on their first trip into space. Modified version of story published in Sentinel in Space.