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The Written Word


Together Forever

You're the only love
That I will ever need
Together forever
You and I will always be

**Warning** The stories you are trying to reach are SLASH in nature! They deal with homoerotic subjects and can have graphic depictions of sex between men.

If you are *NOT* 18 years of age or older, you have no business reading them! If you do not read stories containing sex between consenting male adults, then you really shouldn't go on.

Please use your best judgment and common sense.


Don't want to be here? Well, head back to the beginning and go to my *General Fiction* stories.

The Written Word


*The World Series*

"Two Worlds"

Rated G ~ J/B ~ Not only is it a first time for the guys, but it my first time writing slash.

"New World"

Rated R ~ J/B ~ Jim and Blair start their new life together.

"Their World"

Rated NC-17 ~ J/B ~ The people you think will understand... don't. Those you think won't... do.


*Stand Alones*

"Safe Haven"

Rated NC-17 ~ J/B ~ Things that go bump in the night.

"Make Me A Promise"

Rated PG ~ J/B ~ Blair asks for Jim to make him a promise.

"Ignoring Your Sentinel"

Rated NC-17 ~ J/B ~ A tickle story for Mega! <G>


"I Hate Love Songs"

(Warning ~ This story is not betaed. As soon as my Beta Beast can catch a break from school and work, it will be done.)

Rated NC-17 ~ J/B ~ Blair comes home early.

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