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The Written Word
Stand Alones

The stories listed here are not part of any series or sequel

New stories are located at the bottom of this page.


"You're Gone"

A song by Diamond Rio. A story by Becky, Eagle Eye, Robyn, Sorcha, and Suzie.

"Tales Of Surprise"

A storm, stories... and a surprise. Cowritten with Kate Dunshee.


"A Life For A Life"

The brother of a man Jim had to shoot and kill seeks revenge. (My first Fan Fiction.)

"Wisdom Bites"

Blair has his wisdom teeth pulled.


Jim and Blair protect the only witness to a murder.

"She Followed Me Home"

Maybe Blair should stop being nice to people.

"Getting Away"

A cougar turns a vacation into something more interesting.

"Sunday Morning Funnies"

Just a short little story for the heck of it.

"You Caught Me"

Blair has a nightmare. I know, nothing new, but I did it anyway. It's really short!

"It Shouldn't Be Like This"

Kids, guns, and school.

"In A Moment"

Blair, coffee, and a loose wire.

"Programmed For Death"

Blair is the only surviving victim in a series of attacks.

"Who Pays The Price"

Who is out to get the Cascade PD?

"A Random Act Of Kindness"

Blair gets stuck in a snowbank.

"Dire Reveries"

*Horrible Dreams*

"For A Price"

Blair, a rabbit, and drug dealers.

"Something He Ate"

Don't eat the egg salad.

"Lost And Found"

Jim has a nightmare.

"Memories Prisoners"

"As memory may be a paradise from which we cannot be driven, it may also be a hell from which we cannot escape." ~~ John Lancaster Spalding ~~

"Too Hot To Handle"

Blair gets overheated. Can Jim cool him down in time?

"Making The Grade"

Blair goes undercover.

"The Eyes Have It"

Blair needs a shirt.

"You'll Be In My Heart"

Lyrics by Phil Collins. Story by Suzie. <G>
Eagle Eye has written a companion piece to this story called "You'll Still Be In My Heart". You can find it at Wolfpup's Den (there is a link to the Den at the beginning of my story).

"Patients Makes The Heart Grow Fonder"

Jim's sick.

"Throw Aways"

Two kids get thrust into Jim and Blair's care after they witness a murder.

"Buried Alive"

A serial killer is after Blair.

"Now And Forever"

Can Blair find Jim in time?

"Rainbow Bridge"

A little boy, a little dog, and a Rainbow Bridge.

"High Rise"

Blair gets stranded.

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