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The Written Word
Being Betaed

Stories Waiting To Be Betaed When The Beta Beast
Can Get To 'Em

These Stories Are General Fiction:

Untitled Grades Series ~ Blair falls victim to disruptive students.

"Trust" - Blair graduates from the academy and Jim gives him a very personal gift.

"I Can Do This" ~ Blair can do it.

"Figaro (A Year Later)" ~ Fig's been with the guys for a year.

Untitled Christmas Story

"A Picture's Worth" ~ Blair in tub. Jim with camera.

"Custody" ~ Blair is raising his son alone. Can he hang on to the boy?

"Out There..." ~ Jim and Blair go camping. (Using "Somewhere Out There" from the Disney movie "An American Tail" and is short)

"The Return" ~ Part of the *Dragon Series*. Written for my Beta Beast (EagleEye) and will appear when she chooses to share. <G>

Wanted #12 (posted, but not yet betaed)

Wanted #13 (posted, but not yet betaed)


These Stories Are Slash (**Adult**) Fiction:

"Weekend At Home" ~ Rated PG ~ J/B ~ A quiet weekend in bed doesn't turn out as planned.

"Daddies Little Girl" ~ Rated G ~ J/B ~ Jim and Blair have a daughter who is beginning to date.

"We're Okay" ~ Rated G ~ J/B ~ Jealousy + Blessed Protector = Jim

"I Hate Love Songs" ~ Rated R ~ J/B ~ Blair comes home early. (posted, but not yet betaed)

"Man Of Few Words" ~ Rated NC-17 ~ J/B ~ PWP - Sex... nothing more.

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