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The Written Word
Series, Sequels, and Holidays

This is where the *more than one part* stories & the stories involving holidays live.



"Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn." ~ C. S. Lewis

"What Price Failure"

Blair is attacked by a student.

"Trial And Terror"

Sequel to "What Price Failure".


Blair gets a job tutoring, but gets more than he bargained for.


This series is dedicated to my cat, Munchkin
~~ December 1979 to April 1999 ~~
She would have approved.

**I Want A Pet Series**

In my universe, Jim can talk to and understand animals. The first time this happened is in the story "Getting Away".


Blair wants a pet.


Jim brings home a stray.

"Life And Times Of A Black And White Cat"

Feline Physics

"Special Times"

A way to say good-bye.

"Can I Keep It?"

Figaro finds an old friend of Jim's.

"Figaro Vs The Christmas Tree" (Or... "Figaro's First Christmas")

The title says it all. <G>

"Presents Of Mind" (Or..."Figaro Vs The Tree: Continued")

The title does it again. <G>


**The Dragon Series**

"I Saw A Dragon Fly"

Jim takes a nasty spill.

"Dragons Do Fly"

It's Blair's turn to see the little critters.

"The Return"

**This story will appear when the person I wrote it for decides to share <G>**


**The Writers Block Series 1**

Explanation: I never originally planned that Kelsey would appear again after I wrote "Witness". This little series of stories was written in a desperate attempt to get a major distraction from the other stories I seem to have writers block on. Don't worry! I don't plan on bringing Kelsey up again except maybe in additional parts to this, and only this series.

I know that many people dislike this series. It's been called a "Mary-Sue" (which *I* don't feel it is <shrug>) and "The Kelsey Series From Hell". Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I wouldn't dream of denying anyone that. But here it still sits, because I did have my reasons for writing it and I'm fond of this series for those reasons.

"Hard to Live With Him ~ But Can't Live Without Him"

Umm... that pretty much explains it.

"More Than A Thesis"

Blair wants to stay put.

"Kelsey's Nightmare"

Need I say more?

"The Talk"

Jim and Blair finally talk.

**The Writers Block Series 2**

Note: Yep, I'm having problems again getting through a story. Don't worry... no Keley here.

"Wild Ride"

Blair stops at an accident scene to help.


Jim wants to find out *why*.


Blair comes home and they both need to get through the first night.


"A Blessed Protector's Work Is Never Done"

The Sentinel General Fiction Auction Story.

"Sacrifice... A Blessed Protector's Sequel"

The Creator wants more.


"Watching Your Back"

Blair's sleeping... Jim's thinking.

"Watching Your Back... Redux"

Jim's sleeping... Blair's thinking.


"Working Late"

Just a little PWP, h/c story that my head was screaming at me to write.

"Still Working Late"

You requested it, so here it is! The extended ending to Working Late.


~~ Christmas 1997 ~~


A short and silly Christmas story!

"Christmas Day"

Sequel request for "Stocking".

"Destiny & Napanee"

A visit. Getting there is half the fun.

~~ Christmas 1998 ~~

"Suzy Snowflake"

Written as I've *never* done before.
NOTE: This is *not* a Mary-Sue story! It just happens to be the name of the poem.

~~ Christmas 1999 ~~

"Figaro Vs The Christmas Tree" (Or... "Figaro's First Christmas")

The title says it all. <G>

"Presents Of Mind" (Or... "Figaro Vs The Tree: Continued")

The title does it again <G>


~~ 4th Of July 1998 ~~


Blair joins Search & Rescue.


~~Halloween 1999 ~~


A ghost comes to the loft.

~~Halloween 2000 ~~

"Hotel on the Hill"

A road trip to a conference takes a twisted turn on a dark and stormy night.

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